How to make saffron latte

How to Make the Best Saffron Latte

This recipe from the chefs at Sara Saffron will explain how to make a luxurious, winter-warming saffron latte that will brighten up those dreary winter days.

Effortless saffron recipes that are ready in the blink of an eye

There are variations of our saffron latte recipe that you can easily adapt and experiment with to suit your taste… find our recommendations at the end of the article. However, here at Sara Saffron, we like to keep our lattes effortless, so we are sharing our favourite go-to hot drink, that is quick to make and tastes fantastic.

To get started, take a small pinch of high quality Sara Saffron strands, usually around four strands per cup, and leave them steep for a few mins in a cup of warm water. You’ll need an inch of water in the cup.

Froth your milk

While your saffron strands are steeping, start to warm your milk – we love oat milk with our saffron lattes, but any good quality milk will work.

your milk is hot, froth it using a handheld whisk and then add your saffron strands to and hot water to the hot, frothy milk. Add honey to taste and stir before serving.

Great saffron latte variations

If you want to experiment with other ingredients that work well with saffron lattes include ground cardamom seeds, cinnamon and vanilla.

The last step in the latte process is …. Enjoy.

Where can you buy saffron?

Sara Saffron offer a full range of authentic Persian saffron for incredible freshness, deep colour, pungent aroma and superb flavour. In our expert opinion this is the finest saffron you can buy.

Our award winning saffron comes direct from the best farms in the Khorasan province in the Middle East and includes Pushal, Negin, Super Negin and Organic saffron.