5 health benefits of saffron tea

5 Great Health Benefits of Saffron Tea

Reaching for a cup of tea isn’t quite as simple as grabbing a basic tea bag anymore. Every time you go shopping, there seems to be far more tea-based options to choose from than before. Yet some types of tea are thought to be better for your health than others… and one of the best is saffron tea.

What is saffron tea?

Take saffron tea, for example. This uses a few threads of saffron on their own, steeped together with regular tea or with a mix of herbs according to taste. Once strained, the tea is ready to drink and enjoy hot or cold depending on your preference.

But how might drinking saffron tea on a regular basis help improve your health? Let’s discover some of the possibilities gleaned via research.

Saffron could help improve blood pressure, lower cholesterol levels and so lead to better heart health. 

Could saffron tea help improve your mood?

Several studies have compared the effect of saffron to that achieved by antidepressant medication. Such medication can cause side effects, but it was found that individuals suffering mild to moderate symptoms of depression reacted well to regular doses of saffron instead.

Of course, saffron is commonly included in various recipes. You can also purchase supplements rather than using the spice in cooking although you need to make sure they contain the right amount. However, if you have a genuine source of saffron threads you can rely on, we cannot think of a better way to boost your mood than by making a cup or two of saffron tea each day.

Saffron could relieve premenstrual symptoms

Many women will know the physical and emotional fallout caused by PMS. One study looked at various herbal alternatives to regular medical treatments when combating PMS symptoms. Saffron performed well in such cases, showing that women could experience far fewer and less severe symptoms before their periods began.

Encouragingly, studies took part with women from the age of 20 up to 45, and these results were seen across many ages. Symptoms can vary in severity, but it seems that saffron could have a positive effect on physical, mental, and emotional challenges faced at this time of the month.

Drinking saffron tea could have a wider preventative and protective effect on your health

Saffron is well known for having high levels of antioxidants. Studies have found that these may help protect us against the effect of having too many free radicals in our bodies. These have been linked to various diseases and conditions. They may also help reduce inflammation, which has also been linked to many illnesses and conditions.

This antioxidative effect is also thought to help improve blood pressure and cholesterol levels. These may in turn lead to better heart health. It could be the anti-inflammatory effect from saffron that comes into play here. This may also be why promising results have been seen in studies involving mice and memory. Let’s hope we eventually see further studies looking at the potential effects saffron could have on human health.

Nothing beats a nice cuppa, so get the kettle on and feel healthier for it!

While we can get antioxidants from many sources, nothing beats a nice cuppa. While saffron may not be the first thing that springs to mind when you put the kettle on, you can see there are many potential advantages to drinking saffron tea each day. So… switch on the kettle and make that brew, it will not only taste great, but it’s good for you too.

Where can you buy saffron?

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