Sara Saffron are saffron specialists based in the UK and Middle East. Through our close partnerships with farmers from the world famous Khorasan province we can offer you the freshest, finest quality saffron at incredibly competitive prices. Learn about our premium range of saffron products.

Our Story

Our association with saffron is incredibly strong and goes back over 700 years through history to include some of the greatest historical figures from this region. Learn more about our incredible saffron adventure, our unique approach and what drives our passion for this iconic spice.

Giving Back

We’re passionate about what we do, about the environment and supporting the farming communities that are so essential to ensuring our premium saffron is of the freshest, finest quality. Learn more about our eco-initiatives and how we re-invest profits to support our farming communities.

Finest, Award Winning Saffron

Sara Saffron offer the freshest, finest quality saffron including Super Negin, Negin, Pushal and Organic saffron.

Quality Guaranteed

Authentic saffron tested to ISO 3632 with incredible freshness, deep colour, pungent aroma and superb flavour. 100% unadulterated … guaranteed.

UK Stock

Saffron packed and held in the UK to meet all quality standards and packaging specifications.

Eco Friendly

Our saffron is grown, harvested by hand and packaged using environmentally sustainable techniques and materials.

Super Negin Saffron

Super Negin

Super Negin saffron is an extra special type of saffron. It has a deep, rich red colour, incredible aroma and luxurious taste. It is used by professional chefs in the finest cuisine around the world and is our premium, most sought after saffron… super negin

Negin Saffron


Our Negin saffron is of the highest quality, second only to Super Negin. It is made from only undamaged red stigmas which are separated by hand during the harvest process. The white or yellow part of the stigma is removed… negin

Pushal Saffron


Our quality Pushal saffron is the highest Pushal grade available – there are 3 grades. We do not offer lower grade Pushal. Pushal saffron is made from predominantly red stigma with small traces of white/yellow components at the tips… pushal

Organic Saffron

Organic Saffron

Our premium quality organic Negin saffron is made from only undamaged red stigmas which are separated by hand during the harvest process. The white or yellow part of the stigma is removed…. organic saffron

We sell only the best…

Finest, Award Winning Saffron

Sara Saffron is a world leading supplier of superior quality, award-winning saffron sourced directly from the best farms of the Khorasan Province. All our saffron products are tested to ISO 3632 standards and exceed Category I, or Best Quality standards in all attributes… more

How it all came to be…

Our Saffron Journey

Sara Saffron may be a modern business, but its roots stretch back hundreds of years. Those roots supply a thread that carry Sara Shimi, back to the Khorasan province of the Middle East – home to her ancestors. Most notably, home to Nasir al-Din al-Tusi, a great scientist and scholar… more

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What’s New at Sara Saffron…

The Best Saffron Risotto Recipe

The Best Saffron Risotto Recipe

In this recipe the chefs at Sara Saffron share their secret of how to make the best saffron risotto that will look delightful, treat your taste buds and impress your friends. And best of all… it only takes just over 30 minutes from ingredients to the plate.

How to make saffron latte

How to Make the Best Saffron Latte

This recipe from the chefs at Sara Saffron will explain how to make a luxurious, winter-warming saffron latte that will brighten up those dreary winter days.

Sara Saffron win a Great Taste Award

Sara Saffron Wins 2-Star Great Taste Award!

UK saffron specialist company Sara Saffron has won a 2-Star Great Taste Award. They have been praised for the look, quality, aroma, and taste of their saffron, sourced from the Khorasan Province in the Middle East. The judges were impressed by the “exceptionally fresh and vibrant” saffron strands, noting that they were “a great example […]

5 health benefits of saffron tea

5 Great Health Benefits of Saffron Tea

Reaching for a cup of tea isn’t quite as simple as grabbing a basic tea bag anymore. Every time you go shopping, there seems to be far more tea-based options to choose from than before. Yet some types of tea are thought to be better for your health than others… and one of the best […]

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