Can Saffron Improve Men’s Sexual Health?

Can Saffron Improve Men’s Sexual Health?

What comes to mind when you think about saffron, the delicate threads that come from the crocus flower, and can only be handpicked during a limited window each year?

Apart from their cost, most people who know a little about saffron think of it in association with various recipes – both sweet and savoury. Chances are few think it could help with men’s sexual health.

Does saffron have a role to play in improving sexual health in men?

Various studies have shown that a regular intake of saffron could have promising effects in improving men’s sexual health. One study focused on how saffron might affect men who presented with idiopathic infertility. The study involved 52 men for whom no surgical solutions were present. None of the men smoked and they all took a 50mg dose of saffron in milk three times a week. This occurred over a three-month period.

The percentage of sperm present in each individual was measured prior to the study beginning. Once the study concluded, it was measured again. The presence of normal sperm was noted at 6.44% before the study and 10.45% after. Researchers also noted an increase in sperm showing Class A motility.

While the sperm count at the start and end of the study was about the same, researchers saw other improvements that could not be put down to normal variations.

Improving men’s sexual health with saffron

Clearly, this saffron study is promising. However, even the researchers noted that further studies were required to further support their own discoveries. That said, saffron is simple to get hold of and take, so any men who do have infertility problems could take saffron three times a week and potentially improve their sexual health.

The easiest way to take saffron is via a supplement. However, this does incur some risk as you cannot tell what’s inside the supplement. Saffron is expensive because it is difficult to harvest. It’s no surprise, therefore, to note that fake saffron and cheaper substitutes are sold. These are much harder to spot in supplements.

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