Sara Saffron win a Great Taste Award

Sara Saffron Wins 2-Star Great Taste Award!

UK saffron specialist company Sara Saffron has won a 2-Star Great Taste Award. They have been praised for the look, quality, aroma, and taste of their saffron. The judges were impressed by the “exceptionally fresh and vibrant” saffron strands, noting that they were “a great example of a quality saffron.”

Sara Shimi, the face of the Sara Saffron brand, spoke of her delight at winning the award, especially so soon in the company’s history.

“Our aim is to make high quality saffron available at an affordable price,” said Sara while speaking about the recent award. “The judges’ comments reinforce the high quality of the saffron provided by Sara Saffron. This is reassuring for new customers who are looking for top quality saffron from a reputable supplier in an industry where trust and credibility is so important.”

There have been issues with fake saffron in the UK in the past, most recently in 2019 when Trading Standards officers discovered fake saffron available for sale in Sussex. This was traced to a factory in Alicante, Spain, where around £750,000 in fake saffron (genuine saffron strands laced with other fake ingredients) was found and seized.

“To be able to win a Great Taste Award, you need to be able to prove how good your product is,” said Sara. “The judges noted the distinct, earthy aroma, the vibrant and golden colour, and the unbleached stamens. These are all things that point to the genuine article. I’ve always been fascinated by saffron and have long since used it in my cooking. I’m thrilled to bring that same quality to all our customers at Sara Saffron.”

The brand was created following Sara’s passion for using the spice in her cooking. She soon realised how difficult it was to find the same quality of saffron that her father would bring back from his homeland. This led her to establish Sara Saffron, with the aim of bringing back that same high quality saffron to sell to customers in the UK.

Great Taste Awards 2022

Sara Saffron win a highly coveted Great Taste Award.

Sara Saffron sells:

  • Super Negin saffron – arguably the finest saffron available today
  • Negin saffron or Sargol – the most popular type of saffron available
  • Pushal saffron – this is only available in the highest grade of the three available
  • Organic saffron – separated by hand during harvesting

“All our varieties of saffron strands are rigorously tested to ISO 3632 standards,” Sara added. “They all exceed the best quality standards available in all available attributes. There are no additives, no flavour enhancers, nothing artificial – we only sell the purest and highest quality saffron.”

Saffron is associated with many positive health properties. It has been used for thousands of years to support a healthy lifestyle. One recent article via the Cleveland Clinic reported small studies that pointed to a boost in antioxidants when adding saffron to a healthy diet.

Sara Saffron sells the freshest saffron to a range of clients throughout the UK and beyond. They sell direct to customers and to wholesale clients. For further information, you can contact Sara Saffron on +44 (0) 330 221 9800 or email

Where can you buy saffron?

Sara Saffron offer a full range of authentic saffron spices for incredible freshness, deep colour, pungent aroma and superb flavour. In our expert opinion this is the finest saffron you can buy.

Our saffron comes direct from the world’s best saffron farms and includes Pushal, Negin, Super Negin and Organic saffron.