Sara Saffron achieves a 3-Star Great Taste award

Sara Saffron Achieves 3-Star Great Taste Award

Judged by experts at the Guild of Fine Food, Sara Saffron is the only saffron product to have been awarded a 3-star winner in this year’s Great Taste Awards.

Manchester, UK based Sara Saffron has been named among the top food and drink producers globally this year, picking up a highly prized 3-star Great Taste award for its ‘Grade-A Super Negin Saffron’ in the world’s most coveted food and drink awards.

14,195 products were put through the competition’s rigorous blind judging process; and saffron specialists Sara Saffron have fallen within the top 1% of products that received the highest accolade of 3-stars.

First class … How the best quality saffron should taste

Sara Saffron was described by the judge as “First Class”, “Absolutely excellent” and “How the best quality saffron should taste” at the world’s most coveted food and drink awards. 4,088 products were awarded a Great Taste 1-star – ‘food and drink that delivers fantastic flavour’, 1,568 were awarded a Great Taste 2-star – ‘above and beyond delicious’, and 248 were awarded a Great Taste 3-star – ‘extraordinarily tasty food and drink’.

Described as “deeply aromatic and impactful” and “pure, simple and outstanding”, Sara Saffron was a big hit with the Great Taste judges.

Sara Shimi of Sara Saffron spoke of her delight about receiving the 3-star award :

“We are so pleased to have won a Great Taste award for our Saffron. I truly believe we are offering the freshest, finest, quality saffron in the world and I’m so proud we can now add the iconic 3-star Great Taste logo to our saffron as a testament to this.”

“Sara Saffron started as a humble start up in 2020, as a quest to bring the best saffron to the UK. In the past year we have been recognised by 2022 MasterChef UK Champion Eddie Scott and a number of other top chefs who appreciate our saffron, and we hope to be able to get our product into the hands of all those who have a love for quality saffron, or anyone who wants to try using it!”

The award tops off what has been a spectacular year for Sara Saffron. Earlier this year they discovered that 2022 MasterChef UK Champion Eddie Scott was a customer of theirs. Of the recent 3-star award Eddie says:

“Saffron is a principal ingredient in the food that I cook, where quality really does matter. I get through a lot of saffron, using it in a variety of dishes from my Hyderabadi biryani to infusing it into custards and breads. I have to say that Sara Saffron really is streets ahead of the game. Their saffron is of incredible quality- each strand stands beautifully long and plump. It infuses with the most incredible, vibrant colour and fragrance. To me, it’s the best saffron I’ve ever come across and I’m delighted that Sara Saffron has been awarded 3-star recognition at the Great Taste Awards, a highly coveted prize for the best quality product possible.”

Sara goes on to say that “Being recognised with a Great Taste 3-star means so much to independent producers like us, as it makes all the hard work and determination worth it! In an industry where fake and poor quality saffron is rife, this 3-star great taste award provides our customers with the reassurance that ours has been judged to be of the highest quality available. Great Taste is the most recognised accolade for taste and quality in the food and drink industry, so it’s a huge moment for us!

What is Great Taste?

Recognised as a stamp of excellence and actively sought out by food lovers and retailers alike, Great Taste, organised by the Guild of Fine Food, values taste above all else. All products in the line-up for judging are blind tasted: every product is removed from its packaging so it cannot be identified, before entering a robust, layered judging process.

This year, judging took place over 89 days in Dorset and London, with a panel of more than 500 judges putting the products to the test. The line-up saw food and drink products submitted from an extraordinary 109 different countries across the world.

Sara Saffron is currently available from and and a number of grocers and delicatessens in the UK including Waterhouse Quality Food, a Family-owned grocers offering the finest quality food, who are currently celebrating 102 years in business!

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Where can you buy saffron?

Sara Saffron offer a full range of premium quality, authentic saffron for incredible freshness, deep colour, pungent aroma and superb flavour. In our expert opinion this is the finest saffron you can buy.

Our award winning saffron comes direct from the best farms in the Middle East and includes Pushal, Negin, Super Negin and Organic saffron.