Is saffron an aphrodisiac?

Is Saffron a Natural Aphrodisiac?

In this article we ask the question… is saffron a natural aphrodisiac? We look at some of the studies that have been done exploring the benefits of saffron and its effect on both men and women’s sexual health.

Is saffron really a natural aphrodisiac?

How much do you know about the properties – and potential powers – of saffron? It’s pricey, certainly, thanks to the delicate nature of the stigmas from the crocus flower that require harvesting by hand rather than using machinery.

It is also great to use in many recipes, from tea to rice and risotto to cake. But while you can find plenty of online articles about its flavour, you can also read plenty of material on its potential advantages for health and wellbeing. Among them is the idea that you can use saffron as a natural aphrodisiac. But is this true?

Saffron research and studies into sexual health

We decided to go beyond the regular articles and dig into some of the research done on this topic. One review looked at the effects of saffron on sexual dysfunction in both men and women. One of the key things about this review was that it drew information from five studies, so it covered a lot of ground.

Some 173 people took part in the studies. The analysis noted that various levels of sexual dysfunction were seen in those participating. Overall, there was a positive outcome in those who used saffron to try and help improve their situation.

Is saffron the ideal aphrodisiac?

Saffron certainly seems to be right up there with ginseng, another herb thought to help boost sexual desire. Saffron is thought to enhance your libido and stamina. It is also thought to improve your mood, which would further make sense when combined with its potential power to help your libido.

One study conducted over a four-week period saw improved erectile function among the men receiving saffron each day rather than those who received a placebo.

A second study into the possible effect on women’s sexual functions found improved performance for the women receiving saffron too, again compared to those who merely got the placebo.

What is the best way to introduce saffron into your daily life?

While you can buy saffron supplements to take daily, we’d strongly recommend you use good quality, genuine saffron in recipes wherever you can. This is much easier than you’d think, too. We’ve compiled a series of saffron recipes using saffron right here on our blog, so check that out to see which one you might try first. (We recommend brewing some saffron tea to avoid cooking altogether on your first attempt!)

Furthermore, you don’t know whether some of the so-called saffron health supplements actually has any real saffron in them. Be wary of low prices and think about the amount you might get in each supplement. When you have a genuine supply of good quality saffron to use, you can put some in plenty of tasty recipes and be sure you’re getting the right spice.

What’s the bottom line on saffron as an aphrodisiac?

More studies are needed before we can definitively say that saffron does indeed work well as a natural aphrodisiac. However, saffron’s been used in this way for thousands of years, and this, combined with evidence from previous studies point to a positive outcome for both men and women who want to improve sexual desire, libido, and perhaps even stamina.

For a great tasting, natural spice you can pop into hot water for tea or into countless recipes for a wonderful taste, that doesn’t sound bad at all, does it?

Where can you buy saffron?

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