Saffron Recipes

How to make saffron rice

How to Make Saffron Rice

In this short recipe article we’ll explain how to make the best saffron rice.

If you’re looking for a striking accompaniment to many dishes, you cannot find better than saffron rice. Saffron adds an eye-catching yellow tint to any rice you choose, giving it a delightful appearance that everyone will recognise.

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Saffron tea recipes

Saffron Tea Recipes

No doubt you’re used to making a cup of tea. Grab a teabag, pop it in a mug, pour just-boiled water over it, leave it for a bit to steep, and add milk if you wish. That’s about it.

But what about saffron tea? How can you make tea using the find strands of saffron more commonly used in food recipes?

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